Movie Review; The Predator (2018)

Predator 1Stars: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Thomas Jane
Shane Black

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Remember the original predator movie that was just so intense, brutal, action packed and in many ways terrifying? Well if you’re hoping for that winning combination again in this film, with the brand new name of ‘The Predator’, you’ll find yourself disappointed. While the action is most definitely there…because you honestly couldn’t have a Predator movie without action….there is basically no suspense at all. I didn’t find myself even close to the edge of my seat at any point and dammit I wanted to be so on the edge I fell off!

From a story point of view, it was okay I mean not super amazing or anything but the fact that it was a direct sequel and referenced all previous predator films was kind of neat. As for the rest, some army guys, a scientist, a child and an ex wife…..well I mean isn’t it a mix that you have heard a million times before? Lucky that the characters were all interesting in their own way (except the scientist chick, she just annoyed me too much…..sorry to the actor, I don’t blame her it was the character itself). Also I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of humour that was present throughout. And yes yes I know, humour in what is a sci fi/horror/action flick? But it always fit the characters it was coming from and never felt forced but absolutely fit any scene it was part of, often being used to ease tension or as a distraction.

But wait if I’m going to talk about this movie, I guess I should mention the actual big bad, The Predator itself. Yes it was big, yes it was bad and yes there is an even bigger and badder predator guy for extra fun. Oh and yes there is fighting, it is violent and there is a high level of gore which we have come to expect in any Predator film. But wait, I almost forgot, there are also Predator dogs!! Yes, Predator dogs because of course there are and they are great. So as you can tell I did like the Predators, they were as evil and badass as normal.Predator 2 Their spaceships, however, reminded me too much of Lost in Space or Star Trek and anytime they were on the screen or flying I just felt like I was in a completely different movie. I don’t know why I felt this way, I mean the Predators have always had much more high tech equipment but for some reason it always seemed too new, or sterile or something. Not dark and messy and brutal like a predator should be.

Overall as action movies go, it ticked all the boxes with fighting, explosions, blood, hiding….and so it goes on BUT as a whole movie experience there were so many factors that I just found unsatisfying or could have been so much stronger. I wanted to love this movie but instead I found myself saying to people “it was fine”.

My Score: 4.5/10

Watch If You Like: Alien vs Predator. You thought I would say Predator right, well I mean yeah that’s a given but also this movie is not as good as the original but sure. If you’re just keen for an action flick, check this out.

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