Movie Review: Mute (2018)

Mute 1Stuff happens, things get weird, it’s in the future and the main guy is an Amish mute.

Stars: Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux
 Duncan Jones

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Set in a future full of flying cars, A.I., cyborg limbs and electronics pretty much everywhere, our star character Leo (Alexander Skarsgard) is of course Amish and devout to the point of turning his back on televisions and living as simplistic a lifestyle as he possibly can in a modern city. To top it off, he’s mute, caused by an accident at a young age that his Amish mother refused to see medical treatment to fix because of their beliefs. Not only is he trying to live as a mute in a world that literally has countless resources to assist with talking (be it a phone or even surgery to provide an electronic voice box) and not using any of them because of his belief system, his girlfriend goes missing and he sets out to find her in the process unravelling a whole other side of her life he wasn’t aware of. I am in no way criticising, it’s actually a really interesting concept to see and watch on screen. I do have a question though, why is the predicted future in movies always so dank and dark and unpleasant looking? Messy streets, too much artificial light causing everything to look fake and a general feel of bleakness. Is this what people think the future will really be like or is it just meant to be a snapshot into a small section of reality….the dark side if you will, for the purpose of a film?

Okay, okay enough pondering the universe and back to the film. What a cast! Paul Rudd as a borderline crazy ex-military (gone AWOL) guy nicknames Cactus who has a random daughter and can be hilariously funny at times (because of course Paul Rudd is). Justin Theroux as an easy-going best friend of Cactus who slowly reveals his creepy sinister side which oh man just is portrayed so disconcertingly well. And then, Mr Skarsgard, who had to go through the entire movie without saying any words and yet projected all of his emotions through his actions and mannerisms so brilliantly that you always knew what he was thinking and doing even without direct communication. One of my favourite scenes is when he’s so frustrated and upset that he dives underwater in a pool just to scream and you know it’s so he can hear, see & feel the scream instead of it just being silence and unfulfilling.Mute 2

While I really enjoyed so many aspects of this film, my biggest negative would be the story as a whole. I just felt, at times, that there was way too much going on. I totally understand that it was because Joe was trying to find Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh, who plays a basic sweet on the surface but you know something else is going on character) and he needed to have a variety of leads that turned into more clues or dead ends but at times it just felt chaotic and unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, the way that most of it somehow led back to each other in crazy links and circumstance was good, it just started to feel tired and I think it could have ended a bit sooner than it did. And the ending itself, well without spoiling anything, was good but there was a lot of umm why is this happening? Some of it felt really unnecessary and out of tune to how characters had acted throughout the movie until that point. Once again, not complaining, just found it a bit odd.

Overall, it was an interesting film…..I didn’t love it but I definitely enjoyed it. Oh and if you watch it, look out for the fun cameo by Dominic Monaghan, it’s rather entertaining.

My Score: 6/10

Watch If You Like: Blade Runner, The Fifth Element or just if you’re into random Sci-Fi


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