Movie Review: The Lodgers (2017)

The Lodgers 1The movie is over and I’m still confused.

Stars: Charlotte Vega, Bill Milner, Eugene Simon
Brian O’Malley

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You know when you watch a movie and you’re like oh wow this story/plot is so interesting and easy to follow and wow that weird twist was so crazy but brilliant? Yeah this absolutely isn’t one of those movies. In fact, part of me is still confused and unsure about what the fuck happened throughout.

Let’s try break it down shall we. Well a brother and sister (twins) live together alone in a huge giant run down mansion in the middle of the woods…..PEOPLE have we not learned that solitary living in the middle of the woods is bad?!??!?…..where they have to follow certain rules laid out by creepy ghost like people who seem to live under a trap door at the bottom of their stairs. Sometimes the girl goes in to the tiny ass town they live near to get food or whatever and this is where she meets the random guy who is back from the war. Naturally the town thinks he’s a traitor because they “fight their own war” what??? This is never explained! Nothing is ever explained! Like the fact that the girl from the mansion and this returned from war guy speak for like 5 seconds and are suddenly in love with each other and ready to ruin lives for it UGHHHHH. I can’t tell too much more without giving away the shittest plot reveal ever which I would like to call a twist but unlike a twist that literally comes out of nowhere and shocks you this was a painfully slow reveal that wasn’t even a reveal more like a oh yeah this is what happens, moving right along.

The movie just caused confusion. No matter how long I spent watching, everything just made what was happening more confusing and ridiculous and I literally only kept watching because I needed to know how the crazy was going to end. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m as confused as ever as to WHY certain events happened involving the ‘I’ve returned from War’ guy followed by a wait what happened? Where did people go?? What’s going on?? Oh, the movie’s over now? Right umm well okay then.

Pitched as a horror movie that is in no way at all scary The Lodgers is in fact a badly acted, poorly paced and scripted mess. Adding to that the fact that the ghostly beings that live below the flow are actually called The Lodgers, you know the title of the damn movie, but I didn’t discover that until I turned on the subtitles because my neighbours were being noisy. After watching the movie, the title still doesn’t make sense but if I hadn’t put on the subtitles I would never have known what the title even referred to in the first place.The Lodgers 2

So, as you can tell, great movie, ten out of ten, amazing, definitely watch again NO!!!!!! Don’t bother or do if you want to waste 90 minutes of your life.

My Score: 1/10

Watch If You Like: Prolonged confusion and the chance of falling asleep in front of the TV


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