Movie Review: Malevolent (2018)

malevolent 1Be warned, there are creepy ghost children.

Stars: Florence Pugh, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Scott Chambers
Olaf de Fleur Johannesson

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Firstly, well done Netflix, well done. As far as direct to video (or streaming service as it may be) this horror film is one of the better ones I’ve seen. Set around a group of young people in 1986 that are making ends meet during collage by faking a medium ability and cleansing houses of ghosts before meeting their match at the home of an old orphanage where a number of girls died in a horrible murder years prior. So lets tick the boxes shall we, ghosts, weird old lady, people scamming others and a run down orphanage ummm yep that’s the makings of a horror movie if I’ve ever seen them. Oh and lets not forget creepy kids because creepy kids are the worst!

The whole thing is put together through a combined use of normal film making and what appears to be ‘found footage’ or ‘through a random store-bought hand-held camera’ style. While I personally am tired of the found footage genre (sorry but it just got way over done and hopefully it has finally died out) I did like this because it wasn’t claiming to be a true story with found footage but made use of the different angles and film types for tension and atmosphere. One question though, who built these giant ass buildings with like a million rooms? How many people were living there? Why are they not realising it would be a horror movie dream location? Gosh people….so silly!

As for the story itself, it is hands down one that has been used before but come on, you know ghosts & ghost hunter style movies work and are always enjoyable. Especially if they have the slight twist on the ending that this one did. No no, I’m not spoiling but let’s just say, it’s the opposite of what’s expected and that’s a nice thing on occasion.Malvolent 2

Other than things already mentioned, there is noting really stand out or spectacular about this movie. The cast wasn’t that great with lesser performances that you wouldn’t be writing home about and the story, as I mentioned, was same same but different and overall good but not amazing, so why was I praising Netflix at the start of this? Well because I watched the trailer before viewing and the it presented a film with all of the aspects that I just mentioned so I went in expecting a specific type of movie and got exactly what I wanted. Not the greatest horror that I’ve ever seen but the one I felt like watching tonight.

My Score:  5/10

Watch If You Like:  Ghost Hunters, haunted house films and anything with creepy ghost kids


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