Movie Review: Halloween (2018)


Halloween 1Michael Myers is back!!

Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak
David Gordon Green

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40 years, to the day, after the events of Halloween 1 & 2…..he’s back! Returning to the town of Haddonfield where it all began Michael Myers continues his killing spree while ultimately tracking down the one victim (and her family) who has eluded him, Laurie Strode. Yes both The Shape and Jamie Lee Curtis, the scream queen herself, are back and yes it had been 40 years so we find that Laurie Strode is now a paranoid, lives alone in a cabin with a shooting range full of mannequins and a panic room to beat all panic rooms, grandmother who is estranged from her daughter and occasionally her granddaughter. But with the return of the man in the mask, the revenge she has always dreamed of and trained for may finally be hers.

Let’s start by saying I LOVED THIS MOVIE! I also love the original movies which, like many people, were one of my first introductions to the horror genre and definitely kick-started my love of it. So, when I heard that this film was coming out and was going to be a direct sequel to the second film (essentially ignoring everything else in between) I got very excited. Then I saw the promo pictures and trailer and got even more excited and now that I’ve seen the movie itself I cannot wait to watch it again. Everything about this film is just fantastic from the 80’s style opening credits to the random moments and scenes that reference or throw back to the original but most of all….that soundtrack. Oh, that iconic amazing wonderful John Carpenter theme that causes chills and tension as well now as it did in the original. Worked in an adapted for this film it causes so much atmosphere, and for a fan, so much joy hearing and seeing it again in another Halloween movie.

The story itself is, as I said before, a direct sequel to Halloween 2 so there is no real chance for a super original storyline or anything like that as it is following something that is relatively set in stone, but I do like how they ultimately managed it and the additions of small aspects (think random investigative journalists and boyfriend drama) that really didn’t have much to do with the overall story but made for something extra so it didn’t feel to same same. The characters, while all mostly strong and well presented, are total overshadowed by Laurie Strode and Michael Myers who are, as expected, the key players and steal the show in any scene.  And something I did love was that while the majority of the film had James Jude Courtney portraying Michael Myers, the original ‘shape’ himself, Nick Castle, was behind the mask in a few scenes.Halloween 2

I really don’t want to give too much away for fear of possibly spoiling anything but honestly from someone who watches a lot of horror, this movie really does present as the perfect horror/slasher. It has everything you could want a big bad, a great hero/victim character, fantastic tension and creepy scenes, random humour and some really great death scenes.  And it has Michael Myers one of the classics, one of the originals, one of the ultimate bad guys…….just trust me when I say, you will not be disappointed.

My Score: 9/10

Watch If You Like: Halloween….I think that’s pretty obvious really. Okay fine, watch it you like horror.

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