Movie Review: Bumblebee (2018)

bumblebeeNo, but seriously, it’s really good!

Stars: Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., John Cena
Travis Knight

Synopsis: Skipping all the way back to the 1980s with cassette tapes, huge analogue televisions and VW beetles we are taken on the journey of how our (my) favourite yellow transformer came to earth, met his first human friend Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), earned his Bumblebee name and together laughed, cried and fought their way to finding their places in the world, all while saving it of course.

Opinion: I enjoyed this movie so much that I was fully prepared to restart and watch again as soon as I had finished the first viewing. Compared to the less than enjoyable recent Transformer films, this one is back to the standard (if not better) of the first one with a great story, loads of fun & action and even a couple of emotional scenes (yes, I had tears, don’t judge me). The fact that the main character was a female this time was also great because why should it just be males who like cars and need to have a Transformer friend? Hailee is also brilliant in the roll but oh man the Bumblebee character is just awesome and so cute which feels so weird to say but trust me you will totally understand what I mean when you watch the movie. All around a fun viewing adventure which was much needed to revive the franchise so thank you Travis Knight, you made a Bumblebee fan very happy.

Them Feels Though:  Lots of laughs to be had in this movie as well as a ton of the usual action, explosions and transformer sounds. However, they somehow sneakily added in some rather heart tugging emotional moments which I wasn’t ready for so while it totally worked with the story, it was not expected to happen from a movie in this franchise (tears people, there were damn tears!)

Rating:bee rating

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