Movie Review: Children Of Men (2006)

children-men-3.jpgNo one warned me there would be feelings…

Stars: Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Chiwetel Ejiofor
Alfonso Cuarón

Synopsis: Set in a future when, due to unknown reasons, humans have evolved into an infertile state. The last child was born 18 years prior and society has fallen into violence and disarray from fear, government corruption and war. In amongst all of this, activist Julian (Julianne Moore) enlists her alcoholic and depressed ex-husband Theo (Clive Owen) as the only person she ultimately trusts to help her get from the war torn city to a safe zone at sea with a very special cargo, a heavily pregnant young woman.

Opinion: This movie is so good! The performances alone are all just so gritty and brilliant with each character bringing their own personality and presence to screen, coupled with some incredible backgrounds and scenes it’s just so amazing to watch. It also gives a very real sense that this sort of future is way too plausible, especially now, with refugees in cages and governments micro managing and taking over things to a degree of utter insanity. Fear is a huge driver in the human behavior and it is every present within this movie, allowing the viewer to feel on edge yet also extremely alive throughout.  I honestly went through such an emotional roller-coaster watching this film with so many difference scenes provoking such thought and feelings within me be it anger, joy, sadness, tension and so on.  While some may think it sounds overwhelming it really wasn’t. Instead it was an experience that took me out of the normal day-to-day life and on a journey, and adventure, that left me fulfilled yet thoughtful at the end. It’s one of those stories/films which has really stuck with me and I think it will for a long time to come even now typing this I can picture certain scenes and moments and feel the raw emotions as though I was watching it all over again.

Them Feels Though: Okay, okay I may have cried a little. But come on the scene that caused it was incredible and so overwhelmingly emotional I was instantly yelling through my tears at the TV that “nobody warned me it had sad parts!”

Rating:children rating

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