Movie Review: An American Tail (1986)

an american tailTime for a good old childhood favourite

Stars: Dom DeLuise, Christopher Plummer, Erica Yohn
Don Bluth

Synopsis: An animated film about a Russian family of mice, the Mousekewitz family, who are emigrating to America in order to escape the cats of Russia who have been killing their friends and family. On the boat to America though, their son Fievel falls overboard and is separated from the boat and everyone on board. With the help of a French pigeon and some New York mice, Fievel searches for his family all the while getting into mischief, trouble and even crossing paths with more dreaded cats.

Opinion: This was one of my all-time favourite movies as a kid proven by the fact that I watched it multiple times, owned the official movie picture book & the cassette tape soundtrack. So, stumbling across it on Netflix recently prompted a re-watching for old times’ sake and can I just say it still, to this day, is wonderful viewing experience. Directed by Don Bluth, produced in part by Steven Spielberg, music by James Horner and the vocal talents of Dom DeLuise & Christopher Plummer you just know it’s going to be great. This along with a beautiful visual style, a sweet yet emotion filled story and a scattering of great songs & musical pieces all works together to create this wonderful movie that both children & adults can both enjoy. I had also completely forgotten that this came from the era of animated children/family films containing some genuinely scary looking scenes. I mean the cat attack in Russia (during a paralleled Cossack attack) with buildings on fire and everyone fleeing and then the storm on the boat are impressive in their ability to show the terror on the screen and project it out to the audience. I don’t remember how I reacted as a child, but I feel as though it would have been scary for at least the first viewing. Overall, I still loved every minute of this movie and yes I did remember all of the songs and sang along because you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t do that.

Them Feels Though: Yes, there was crying, oh boy was there crying. We’re talking ugly sobbing tears throughout the ‘Somewhere out there” scene followed by happy tears in the “we’re a Duo”. Maybe I was having an overly emotional day but honestly if you watch this movie and don’t at least get some sort of watery eye then who even are you.

Rating:american rating

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