Movie Review: Cold Pursuit (2019)

cold-pursuit-posterIt snows a bit in this movie, just a little bit, I’m sure you will barely notice it.

Stars: Emmy Rossum, Liam Neeson, Tom Bateman, Laura Dern
Hans Petter Moland

Synopsis: Nel (Liam Neeson), a snowplow driver in the small mountain town of Kehoe, seeks revenge on the drug dealers who killed his son. His actions ultimately cause a drug war between two families and also the attention of the local police. 

Opinion: This is what would happen if someone took the films Fargo and Taken, threw them in a blender and then poured the results onto the screen. There is action, drama, suspense and honestly some of the funniest black comedy moments ever. Told in a chapter like style, but with deaths marking the end of each scene or sequence rather than a new story arc, this slow to start film explodes with awesome at such an unexpected moment and then doesn’t stop being crazy and hugely entertaining through to the end. Ultimately, it’s a revenge film but not in the usual Liam Neeson performing huge action stunts kind of way. Instead he’s Nel, this stoic guy whose life has just fallen apart after the death of his son but instead of allowing himself to completely fall apart he instead just plods along in his life attending a funeral, plowing the roads, drinking at the bar and randomly killing drug dealers in his spare time. One of the best things about it was how he, a guy who plows snow and goes hunting, didn’t suddenly look like he had unexplained shooting or fighting abilities or epic strength and agility, he is just a father who is hurt and angry, can throw a punch or ten and has a bit of luck on his side. I thought everything about this film was really strong from the story itself, the level of humour and how it’s presented, the fact that there is action and violence but not too much just the right amount and finally the way the characters are all so fantastic from the portrayals to the interactions with each other. After watching, my friend commented that he wasn’t quite sure if it was brilliant or so terrible it made it somehow great, whereas I just think that it’s this weird crazy mix that somehow works so damn well together and made for a fun watch and a truly great film.

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That: Naturally there is action and violence but also be prepared to catch yourself laughing at dead bodies and people getting killed. Before you start accusing me of a sick sense of humour, I assure you that I was indeed caught off-guard at some of the things I was laughing at and internally thinking (between chuckles) “how is this funny?!” but I learned fast to just go with it and enjoy the ride that is this film.


polar rating

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