Movie Review: The Boy (2016)

poster-780Just reaffirming my strong dislike for dolls and the urge to never have them in my house.

Stars: Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, James Russell 
William Brent Bell

Synopsis: Escaping a failed relationship and abusive ex-boyfriend, Greta (Lauren Evans) travels from America to England in order to be an in home Nanny for the son of an older couple. Upon arriving, she discovers that the child is actually a porcelain doll, yet it’s treated as though it’s a real child with a specific list of daily rules that are meant to be followed. Naturally upon the departure of the couple, Greta ignores the doll and the list until unexpected events start to happen causing her to believe that the doll may in fact be alive.

Opinion: Besides the fact that lifelike dolls are genuinely creepy, I didn’t find much else positive about this movie. The story was weak and relatively predictable with some poor attempts at suspense and jump scares. It was also extremely hard to watch people treat this doll as though it was a child, I just found myself cringing way too much which led to an uncomfortable viewing experience. The only decent thing was the twist at the end. I genuinely wasn’t expecting it, however, I’m unsure if this is due to good writing or the fact that I was bored and not really paying attention. Sadly, once the twist was revealed it returned to being predictable and unexciting through to the end.

Scare Factor: They try very hard to throw in a bunch of jump scares but they all fell pretty flat. They were too predictable with not enough delivery for any of them to really provide what would be considered a good scare. There are, however, a couple of good creepy moments but they are few and far between so don’t hold your breath waiting for them.



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