Movie Review: Happy Death Day (2017)

Death DayIt’s Groundhog Day but with murder

Stars: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine
Christopher Landon

Synopsis: College student, Tree (Jessica Rothe), is forced to relive her birthday over and over again and while most people would think that’s a great thing, it also happens to be the day she is murdered by a mysterious killer. Each death resets the day which means Tree must die countless times while she tries to figure out who the killer is.

Opinion: As you’ve already probably guessed, this is like a horror take on Groundhog Day even down to the random song (in this case a ringtone) that happens every time the day restarts. It’s a fun concept especially seeing all the different and creative methods of death and even the obvious storyline of bitch girl realises she’s a bitch and redeems herself is enjoyable. The twist at the end was pretty good too and the resulting final reveal felt logical and a fitting end to the movie. So why didn’t I love it? I struggled too much with the plot holes that kept appearing throughout. Like you’d see something that very much looked like an important clue, it’s referenced again and then suddenly disappears. This happens a few times and while I may be overthinking it and these things actually weren’t important to the whole story, I kept getting caught up on the fact that they felt like they were and wanted answers and closure. Not only that but there is no explanation for why the day kept resetting, literally nothing at all, which would normally drive me crazy BUT there is a sequel that is about to come out (because I did come extremely late to this party) and I did proceed to watch the trailer for that after this one finished and now I’m dying to watch it because it looks like all my questions will be answered in part 2. Now I don’t know if I should be annoyed or impressed that it looks like things were left out of this film because they always aimed for a sequel but I’m leaning towards impressed. I mean, if that’s legitimately what they did, then it’s definitely worked with me because I’m so keen to see it even though I didn’t really love this first one because I want to know how and why and what happens! As a final word, this was a fun movie not as great as I would have hoped but it has hooked me in so bring on part 2.

Scare Factor: There are a couple of intended jump scare moments but overall this isn’t particularly scary and is actually more on the horror comedy side of things with witty dialogue and even some pretty funny death scenes. Basically, don’t watch this if you’re only in it to be scared.


death day rating

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