Movie Review: Io (2019)

ioNot the bees, not the bees!!

Stars: Margaret Qualley, Anthony Mackie, Danny Huston
Jonathan Helpert

Synopsis: The earth is dying with only a handful of clean air pockets still in existence. Most of the human race have long since fled to a colony station located near Jupiter’s moon IO. However, Sam (Margaret Qualley), the daughter of a renowned scientist, remains on earth trying to find a way to save the planet. She befriends a man (Anthony Mackie) who turns up in a hot air balloon and decides to travel with him to the final transport ship off the planet and finally leave the dying planet behind.

Opinion: While the concept of this film is obviously interesting in the sense that this is a totally possible situation that could happen to the earth, I found the execution of the film to just be a bit lacking. The whole story was quite slow paced, and while interesting, it felt a little dragged out at times and somewhat repetitive. Then at the end it did a complete flip and suddenly the entire thing went way too fast and so much happened at once and I found myself wishing they would slow down and let the events actually unfold and happen. It was as though they ran out of film and had to cram about an hours worth of story into 15 minutes. It was so weird. I also am not sure how I feel about the ending either and no this won’t spoil anything but there is no explanation at all as to way a couple of things happen or even how the happen and it just leaves it feeling very unfinished. If that’s what the film makers were going for, they succeeded but in my opinion,  it wasn’t in a positive way.

Them Feels Though: Yeah nothing really heart wrenching or emotional in this movie. I could see that they intended it to be at times, but it just wasn’t executed well enough

Rating:io rating

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