Movie Review: Overlord (2018)

mv5bmjexmju1njuwn15bml5banbnxkftztgwotazotgwnjm@._v1_The first 10 minutes are honestly almost as good as the opening of Saving Private Ryan!

Stars: Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Mathilde Ollivier
Julius Avery

Synopsis: Following a group of solders who are behind enemy (German) lines during World War 2 on the eve of D-Day. Their mission is to destroy a German radio tower to prevent communication and allow the beach landing to happen. While there, they discover mission people, horrible mutations, weird crazy Nazi experiments and lots of death.

Opinion: The opening 10 minutes are some of the greatest war/action sequences I have ever seen in film. It was so sudden, crazy, hectic and on the edge of your seat tense that it felt extremely raw and real and terrifying.  While I don’t think it could ever beat the opening of Saving Private Ryan, I do think it came pretty came close with its brilliance. After this it becomes a creepy and relatively violent battle between good, evil and downright ugly. The story itself was a little all over the place at times with I guess the overall focus being these weird experiments but also the fact that the soldiers really did have a job to do and holy shit weird zombie dudes! Not to sound negative, it’s actually a pretty good watch with a very sinister tone running throughout the whole thing, I think the reason why I found myself a little disappointed was because in Australia the film was awarded an R18+ rating for horror and violence so I think I was expecting it to be horrifying and much more over the top than it actually was. Don’t get me wrong, this movie is definitely violent, and others did tell me they were scared so either I’m super desensitized from my years of viewing horror or whoever awarded the rating was just a big softy. I’m absolutely going with the softy comment because I just don’t think it was any worse than a lot of the stuff that is out there with a lower rating. Having said that the graphics and set design were very good and the big bad monster was yeah, pretty freaky looking so overall it was a good watch just not as great as I think I had expected or hoped it would be.

Scare Factor: A couple of intended jump scare moments, infected creatures and a big bad but mostly just an overlying sense of unpleasantness and a lot of umm dead people.



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