Movie Review: Bird Box (2018)

bird box posterAnd the award for best children’s names goes to this film

Stars: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich 
Susanne Bier

Synopsis: An unseen entity attacks the human race causing the majority of people to imagine such horrors that they are driven to suicide. 5 years after the initial attack, a young mother and her two children must find a way, while blindfolded, to a rumoured safe zone all the while being hunted by the unseen beings and other immune humans who want to force them to remove the blindfolds and see.

Opinion: This movie doesn’t mess around, you literally have like 5 minutes at the start to and learn about the main character Malorie (Sandra Bullock), a heavily pregnant woman who isn’t so happy about her situation, attending a doctor visit with her sister (the wonderful Sarah Paulson) when all hell breaks loose, the evil is suddenly there and people are dying. The rest of the movie is the struggle of survival in a world that’s out to kill you every step of the way, from a random mix of very different people now living in a house together, to saving strangers and who to trust, to giving birth while hiding and having no doctors present and finally to trying to save yourself and 2 young children, while blindfolded and alone in a terrifying world. The story is new and different and realistic in a horrifying way that keeps you hooked in and on the edge of your seat throughout. The cast is outstanding with some brilliant performances by Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich and Sarah Paulson. Even the two children, while they ultimately don’t do too much, are really quite good in this film.
I know a lot of people have said that they wished that could see the invisible enemy, but I actually think it’s great that you don’t get to see anything except movement in trees and occasionally a slight shadow. It’s the fear of the unknown, what is it that is causing everything to happen, what do I imagine it to be? While I am sure that the writer and director and probably the actors all had an idea of what it was, the viewer is left to imagine their own ideas and create their own horror which is then unique to everyone and that is way more effective, especially in this situation. After all, the point of the film is to not look, to remain blindfolded and only imagine what it could be that is hunting you, wanting to kill you, so I firmly believe that if we had been able to see the creature, the tension and creepy scenes wouldn’t have been anywhere near as effective as they were. Overall a great and enjoyable film that I highly recommend.

Scare Factor: There are a couple of good jump scares in this, but the main feature is the constant tension and on edge feeling throughout. Yes, there are some calm and happy moments but ultimately, it’s a thriller and it does its job well.


bird rating

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