Movie Review: Cam (2018)

Cam posterThe scariest part? Someone out there could probably make this happen.

Stars: Madeline Brewer, Patch Darragh, Melora Walters
Daniel Goldhaber

Synopsis: Online cam girl Lola, aka Alice, is striving to get into the top listed girls online. When all appears to be going in her favour and the rank is on the up, her account becomes locked and seemingly taken over by someone who looks exactly like her and is on a course to steal her entire identity.

Opinion: This whole film just oozes creepy from the start, predominantly in the way it is filmed, and the colours used in the sets and scenes throughout. The story itself is relatively innocent at the start, a cam girl just trying to work her way to the top of her profession. That is, of course, until we start to see the ways in which the online world can actually affect real life in a not so pleasant way. Dealing with very real issues such as online bullying, stalking and for the main plot point, identity theft it builds a bleak and somewhat helpless atmosphere throughout. While not a horror in the sense of jump scares and awful deaths, it instead causes a very unsettled feeling throughout the watch. Madeline Brewer does a brilliant and very believable job as Alice/Lola with her despair, helplessness and ultimate terror at what is being done to her. Overall for a film that is a little bit different but a lot of brilliant, definitely check out Cam, you won’t be disappointed.

Scare Factor: As previously mentioned there aren’t really any scenes that would be classified as jump out of your seat scary but there are scenes that will evoke a very real sense of foreboding and a lot of tension so be ready…..also there is nudity because cam girls, so if you weren’t already warned then now you are.


Cam Rating

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