Movie Review: The Cured (2017)

the cured posterZombie virus horror without zombies…for the most part.

Stars: Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
David Freyne

Synopsis: The Maze virus, a zombie like infection, has had a cure developed with one draw back being that people remember everything they did while being infected. As they re-join society, the uninfected citizens start protesting and rioting and demanding that it not happen for fear of re-infection which in turn causes rebel groups of cured to rise against them. Following the paths of recently cured Senen (Sam Keely), who goes to live with his sister-in-law (Ellen Page) and her son, and Conor (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) we see that while they may be cured, the impact on what has happed affects them each in very different ways.

Opinion: I’ve always wondered while watching zombie or virus themed movies/TV, what would actually happen if they found the cure that they were always searching for and this movie answers that with pretty much the exact way I imagined it would go. So yes, based on human nature and the fact that some people are just plain evil, the story is unique in its subject matter but relatively predictable in execution. The characters all have their specific and rather generic purposes; bad guy, innocent mother & son, guy you aren’t sure if will be good or bad yet and then other people who do stupid things to keep the main plot going. While the cast is relatively good, they are hindered by the storyline at times so scenes that you know could be quite creepy and unnerving actually just build up then fall flat. This isn’t the case all the time though, there are genuinely some good moments that really play up the unsettling nature of Conor and also some quite tense moments especially towards the end of the film. It was just disappointing that those strengths couldn’t be consistent the whole way through.
I’d also like to mention, without spoilers don’t worry, the ending which I disliked so much because it has a horrible twist and then kind of fades out to nothing which made for an annoying and inconclusive finish. Maybe it works for everyone else, but I guess I just wanted an ending, something that was a bit more fulfilling and didn’t in any way leave room for a potential sequel if that’s what they so desired in the future. Overall, it’s a good premise but just doesn’t hold up in the presentation.

Scare Factor: Nothing really scare worthy at all in this film despite the fact that they did try to make it so. The few jump scare type moments fell flat and the only successful element would be the few scenes where the sinister/creepy undertone was executed well.


The cured rating

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