Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War (2015)

captain 3 posterMy favourite Captain America film – Avengers chronological re-watch, film #14

Stars: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie
Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Synopsis: Afer the events of Sokovia, the UN puts pressure on the Avengers to sign an accord and essentially give the government full control of where they go and when they fight. Captain America (Chris Evans) & Iron Man (Tony Stark) completely disagree with this process, causing a rift in the group. This is only heightened when an attack on the UN kills the king of Wakanda and injures many others and the only footage found shows it’s Cap’s old friend Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and in order to find out the truth he and a few other Avengers team up against the others and thus the group is torn completely in half. 

Opinion: Welcome to my favourite Captain America movie and also one of my favourite Avengers movies in general. Everything about it is great from start to finish from the storyline, to the cast (as always everyone is just so good), to the introduction of new characters and finally to some of the best action/battle scenes in the series to date (we’re talking airport fight & Siberia fight because BEST!) I honestly love it so much and not because it’s essentially just an Avengers movie without my two least liked characters of Hulk & Thor (sorry guys) but also because it focuses on the fact that the members of the avengers aren’t just automatically always best of friends. They are a random group of people who happen to have special abilities and now work together, so while yes sure they are friends most of the time, they are also all very different and have strong personalities that are always going to conflict. The Avengers, this time, aren’t just the group of heroes swooping in and saving the world, instead it’s Cap being loyal and protective of his life long friend Bucky and Tony full of guilt and trying to do what he thinks is right and friendships and loyalties splitting the group in half with everyone doing what they do best, fighting for what they believe in. Yes, sure there is still a bad guy who is blowing up buildings and killing people and yes they are all ultimately aiming to stop him but compared to previous movies, what he does seems much smaller but so much more chaotic.
As Avengers films go this is also one of the strongest links to other films, past & present, that we have had so far in particular with character cameos (Ant Man) and introductions (Spider-Man, Black Panther). But while they don’t discuss infinity stones like in other movies, I feel like it is instead much more of a setting the pieces in a game of chess style film. We all know something big is coming and this is building us up, introducing more people into the picture, setting the scenes, splitting the team but with a great final scene that totally sets the page for things to come. I could watch this movie over and over again and never get tired of how wonderful it is. I was going to say fun, but it’s not really a fun movie in say a Guardians of the Galaxy way, rather it’s exhilarating and tense and extremely enjoyable to watch.

Fun Facts: The Stan Lee cameo in the film has one of the best lines in the entire series, it gets the loudest laugh from me every time. As for credit scenes, there are one again two both linking to the upcoming films of the two new characters that were introduced in this film.


Captain 3 rating

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