Movie Review: Assassination Nation (2018)

Assassination posterThe internet is a powerful tool

Stars: Odessa Young, Abra, Suki Waterhouse, Hari Nef
Sam Levinson

Synopsis: When a hacker starts leaking everyone’s secrets in the town of Salem, four high school girls somehow find themselves at the centre of the towns rage trying to stay alive and convince a mob on the brink of rioting that they are innocent.

Opinion: What a clever and absolutely horrifying movie. I went in thinking it was going to be some basic crazy messed up slasher/gory horror type movie and instead I got a highly intelligent, extremely realistic and very bleak look at society and the impact social media, gossip and mob mentality can have on a situation……and yes there is definitely also crazy messed up slasher/gory stuff oh and for some reason a lot of very creepy masks. From the very beginning it is very obvious that the focus is on how much the people are using their phones and uploading videos and sharing pictures and commenting and chatting and sharing and hashtag and viral posts…..and a hack, and then another hack, and another and secrets come pouring out and they get shared and posted and suddenly the whole town is in the spotlight and nothing is sacred and someone MUST be blamed. It is honestly shocking to watch some of the scenes which share striking similarities to some actual horrible events that have happened in real life over the past couple of years but shocking is what they need to be and for that it’s incredible to watch. To be in horror and awe of situations that should seem so crazy and unbelievable but are way too truthful and represent a march larger part of any society than it should. The performances by the majority of the cast and in particular the four main girls are exceptional, and have you completely caught up in every moment feeling their happiness, fear, sadness or pure anger throughout. This is also aided by the fact the entire movie is so well written and put together that you will be saying what the fuck constantly, sitting on the edge of your seat, covering your mouth so you don’t cry out and disturb your neighbours and ultimately just feeling unsettled by the constant creepy and very sinister undertone throughout the entire thing.
For a random ‘hey this trailer looks good I might check it out’ movie, I am so beyond glad I did because it was absolutely worth it from start to finish.

Gore Factor: So yes, it’s violent, yes there is graphic content, but while it’s a bit crazy it always fits with the mood of everything that’s happening and never feels like it goes too over the top or comical. I am noting though because there is a lot of blood at times so maybe just cover your eyes at those parts.


Assassination rating

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