Movie Review: Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

death day 2 posterThis is everything I wished the first movie was.

Stars: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu
Christopher Landon

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Synopsis: After thinking she had successfully beaten the killer and the time loop, Tree (Jessica Rothe) instead discovers it has unexpectedly passed to Carter’s (Israel Broussard) friend Ryan (Phi Vu). In trying to fix his loop in the lab, Ryan inadvertently sets everything back to the start of Tree’s original day where she discovers that in order to actually fix the loop for good, it’s not just a killer she has to worry about.

Opinion: Yes! This is exactly the type of movie I wanted to first one to be. From the first 5 minutes of watching I was already enjoying it infinitely better and then 5 minutes after that it started addressing and answering all the plot holes that bothered me so much in the original. While the groundhog day element is still the driving feature of the film, it never really feels like a recycled version of the first film….which honestly was a big fear of mine. The story is, in my opinion anyway, much smarter and also a bit darker with the killer still being quite a prominent theme (obviously) but now we also have parallel universes, way more deaths and the possibility that the next reset death may actually be the last.  There are also huge changes to the structure of the story which obviously throw everything out and make it for a new and relatively entertaining adventure. Then there are the death scenes which get way more creative and hilarious as the film goes on, I mean who would ever think you would find yourself laughing to a montage of death scenes but it’s a work of creative genius and deserves every laugh it got.
So a big applause and well done to Blumhouse for disappointing me with the first film, then leaving it with so many unanswered questions I HAD to watch the sequel to find out if they were answered and then absolutely 100% redeeming themselves in every way imaginable. I don’t quite know if I loved it so much because of the failures of the first but hands down it’s a great sequel and an overall enjoyable movie.

Gore Factor: I mean it’s Happy DEATH Day 2U so yeah there are death scenes and there is blood throughout, but I wouldn’t say any of them are too gory. More often that not the death happens off screen and you just see blood spray, hear a noise and generally know what happened without witnessing it completely. So yeah, some gore but not too much.


death day 2 rating

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