Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

avengers 3 posterThe BEST Avengers movie…so far – Avengers chronological re-watch, film #20

Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Benedict Cumberbatch, Josh Brolin, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Zoe Saldana

Synopsis: Thanos (Josh Brolin) has arrived and is collecting the Infinity Stones one by one. The Avengers join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the people Wakanda in order to protect the stones and try to stop Thanos from collecting the whole set and destroying half of the universe.

Opinion: And here we are at the end of the 20-movie chronological re-watch with the most epic, most badass, by far the best to date Avenger Universe movie. Every previous movie has in some way been leading to this and what it resulted in is, hands down, the best collaboration of almost every character and every country/planet/universe that we could have asked for. I admit, when I first went to watch it in the cinema, I was so excited for it but so nervous that it would end up not being as good as the trailer depicted, but instead it totally blew every expectation I had away and on this second viewing I haven’t changed my opinion one bit. Literally from the opening 5 minutes you are thrown headfirst into the horror and chaos that is Thanos who as far as bad guys go is probably as cold hearted as they come. Every aspect of the scene has you totally on the edge of your seat and that position pretty much doesn’t change for the entirety of the movie. The 19 previous movies had us living in a very comfortable world of heroes win and bad guys lose but what Infinity War does is totally destroy that mantra and make you very aware from beginning that nobody is safe from Thanos….nobody.
The performances from the whole cast are fantastic in this but I will call out 3 that I really hold to the highest esteem….Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) all just did such a fantastic job in some of the incredibly tough scenes they had to do both physically and emotionally. Yep, I said it, emotionally! This is hands down the most emotional of all the movies and I will opening admit that I cried because dammit… spoilers but…..the ending is rough.
Don’t worry though, it’s not all darkness and tears, in typical Avengers style there are plenty of hilarious lines and moments throughout especially the banter between Thor & Peter Quill (Chris Pratt). So, 20 movies down and finishing on an extremely high note, I’m hyped up and ready for the upcoming Captain Marvel and soon after that…End Game!

Fun Facts: Stan Lee of course has his little guest appearance with a witty one liner but the big difference with this film is there is only one end credit scene which is a final scene for this film as well as a hint for the future. This falls right at the very end of the credits which also don’t have the usual fun animation styles or features through them. It’s all very serious and dramatic which fits the end of the film extremely well.


avengers 3 rating

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