Movie Review: Dumbo (2019)

Dumbo posterThe cutest big eared elephant you ever did see.

Stars: Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green
Tim Burton

Synopsis: A baby elephant, with abnormally large ears, is born into circus life and with the help of two children discovers that those ears can be used for flying. With this new-found flying star, the leader of the circus steers them to a new and seemingly perfect venture but while there, the two children and Dumbo discover that things aren’t as great as they first seemed.

Opinion: First reaction….amazing! Second reaction….damn Tim Burton did such an amazing job! I am sure there will be many mixed views and opinions of this movie but for me personally I was hooked in from the opening moments of Casey Jr rolling down the track and didn’t stop being mesmerised until the credits finished rolling.
The story, it should be noted, is more of a reimagining as opposed to a direct remake with a lot of the original moments, scenes & characters appearing before it alters slightly and takes you off on a new, different and exciting adventure. I, for one, love that it was the same but also new and different because you could be excited to see and love the characters and the story, but they be caught up in the new tale for something different and unexpected. Also, the animals don’t talk, and the movie isn’t a musical like the original animation was. There is one song sung during the film and that’s a beautiful scene which I won’t spoilt, but as for all of the other classics….have no fear, they all are there in musical form clear and defining and still causing me to want to sing along in the cinema even though there were no words.
But let’s talk about Dumbo and how amazing, cute, innocent and wonderful he is. The fact that he made elephant noises instead of talking made him seem so much more real even though I knew he was a CGI character. In fact, the entire movie is a visual masterpiece with so much to see and experience in every scene and so much Tim Burton flair throughout. While he is typically known for his movies having a darker element in them, this one has a small world within the movie itself that houses all of the dark/creepy/quirky fun and when you first see it, it’s like you’re seeing the director himself in a cameo.
So how do I do a final thought for this……how about, if you like the original you will enjoy this. It’s wonderfully done and will leave you feeling full of happiness and love by the end.

Them Feels Though: Take your tissues, there will be tears. Don’t worry it’s balanced out with laughter and fun too but also tears.


Dumbo rating

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