Movie Review: Us (2019)

Us posterCreepy is an understatement

Stars: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss
Jordan Peele

Synopsis: A family on their summer vacation, has their whole world turned upside down when their home is invaded by another family that looks and sounds exactly like them.

Opinion: I am a huge fan of Get Out so when I heard Jordan Peele was making another movie, I knew I had to watch it and damn that man doesn’t disappoint. This movie is CREEPY. Seriously, there are so many amazingly creepy moments throughout that really get under your skin and leave you feeling really unsettled. Even the opening sequence which is literally a slow camera pan out just feels bad or evil or something other. This is of course driven by the incredible music choices used in this film which really create a sort of jagged or broken feel and it really fuels the overall sinister feeling that the story is bringing to you.
But naturally, this couldn’t be achieved without great acting and this cast……oh man this cast are brilliant!! Each person has to play essentially two completely opposite characters and every single person nails it so damn well that it’s sometimes hard to believe you’re watching the same person present these two incredibly different performances.
I must note that even though I have just rambled on about all the levels of creepy and weird, this movie is also really rather funny at times. Just like with Get Out, there is an entertaining line of humour that flows through the movie and ultimately compliments the horror aspect by allowing a bit of relief, a deep breath and a relaxing moment if you will before dragging you back in for more.
Before I say a final thought, I do need to state that this movie was a bit different from what I was expecting based on the trailers. I went in expecting a standard home invasion style movie and got so much more than that. A really great movie which kept me on edge the whole way through. If you liked Get Out you will definitely like this.

Scare Factor: There are a couple of jump scare type moments but mostly this is just creepy, the type of movie that is full of tension and gets in under your skin for the duration.


Us rating

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