Movie Review: Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Avengers 4 poster21 movies later, we’ve finally made it…and don’t worry, I promise, no spoilers

Stars: Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Rudd, Josh Brolin, Brie Larson, Don Cheadle, Bradley Cooper
Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Synopsis: Infinity War ended with Thanos snapping his fingers and wiping out half of all living creatures. Many of the characters we had come to love disappeared in a puff of dust and the audience cried some very unexpected tears. Endgame is what happens next…..Endgame is when they who remain fight back with the aim of restoring everything that once was and destroying Thanos for good. 

Opinion: This is going to be short and straight to the point, this movie is incredible! Everything you have loved about all the 21 previous Marvel movies is combined together in this absolute masterpiece. It’s action packed, funny and so full of every feeling and emotion you could possibly imagine. The cast were all amazing and the story itself goes over and above anything I could have dreamed of. I am still, many hours later, processing everything and how I feel about it all because it was one hell of an emotional roller coaster and trust me mine weren’t the only tears and sniffles that could be heard in the cinema at various moments throughout. If anyone had told me way back when I first saw Iron Man that in 10 years, I would be sobbing during a super hero movie that was number 22 in a long and winding storyline that started at that one, I probably would have laughed in their face. But here I am and here I’m going to stop writing because it’s early days after release and I don’t want to accidentally say something that spoils even the tiniest aspect of the film. Endgame is unexpected, Endgame is amazing, End game is everything! Just don’t forget to take your tissues… me.
Oh and one final note, if you’re someone who hasn’t seen any of the other movies in the series and wondering if this is okay for a “I’ll just check it out and see what the hype is about” DON’T! You absolutely need to see the other movies for this one to have such an impact on you and to not be totally confused the whole way through. Don’t be that person, trust me, watching them all first makes this one so very special.

Fun Facts: So many fun things happen in this movie, but my lips are sealed so you’ll have to go and watch for yourself to see them. All I’ll say are the 2 things we all know are standard. Firstly, there’s a Stan Lee cameo, it’s a bit of fun as usual and secondly, there are no end credit scenes BUT there is a little something extra at the very end of the credits so stay for that and then let you’re mind ponder over it as mine has since I watched.


Avengers 4 rating

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