Movie Review: The Silence (2019)

The Silence posterIt’s like the prequel to Quiet Place, but less good.

Stars: Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto
 John R. Leonetti

Synopsis: Cave explorers break through a wall in order to go through to a previously undiscovered area and in doing so let loose thousands of flying creatures who attack and kill anything that makes noise. America is suddenly plunged into chaos with people learned very fast that silence is the only option to survive. A family fleeing the city for quieter areas also discovers that these creatures aren’t the only things you should be worried about, sometimes terror brings out the worst in humans too. 

Opinion: So last year there were two pretty great movies about being silent to survive, A Quiet Place and Birdbox. This movie definitely isn’t those, but damn does it wish it was. There are so many elements taken from both those films and mashed together to make this one but for the most part it seems like it really REALLY wishes it was A Quiet Place. I mean it even has a deaf girl in the main family…..seriously, how did the writers think it was a good idea to do that? The story itself seems like kind of how I imagine A Quiet Place would have started, a prequel if you will but without the quality that we got in that movie. This isn’t to say The Silence isn’t a good movie, it does have it’s moments but for the most part it is disappointingly predictable and even though it has a great cast, they unfortunately can’t bring it up to the heights of greatness it wishes it hasd.
Having said all that though, I do like the whole concept of silence saving lives. It makes it much more dramatic when a loud noise happens or when you know they should be screaming to alert someone but can’t because death to all. It’s great for building tension when done well and while this movie managed it at times, I found there to be way too much background noise which meant when sudden noises happened, they weren’t as shocking to the viewer as they could have been. In the other previously mentioned films, one of their strongest elements was the fact that there was a huge amount of silence in the film not just characters not speaking I’m talking no music, no soundtrack, no noise whatsoever so when sounds did happen, it really startled you and got the heart racing.
One other thing, the humans are evil too element is always creepy which done well and this film had it in spades. Creepy because you know 100% that these bullshit people would definitely appear and be around and making everything so much worse than it already was. Why do crazy psychopaths always survive these apocalypse type things? Or is it an apocalypse event that creates them? I guess only an actual apocalypse will answer that and I for one am really not longing for that to happen any time soon.
So for a final note, the movie was okay. I didn’t ever feel the need to turn it off or stop watching but I did wish it was better. Mainly because I really do like the actors in it but also because it is a premise that has worked in the past, I just think this was too similar too soon for it to work as well again.

Scare Factor: Nope, none, not one, nothing. Well for me anyway but if you’ve read any of my other horror reviews, you’ll know I don’t scare easy. Having said that, there is still very little obvious moments that would scare anyone. Yeah sure a couple of small jump scares but they all seem very built up and predictable I don’t think many people would be affected by them. It is, however, a little gruesome at times. Not much, but enough for me to say out loud “eww that’s a leg” while watching, so there’s that going for it.


The Silence ratine

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