Movie Review: London Has Fallen (2016)

London poster Shooting, bombs, explosions and such

Stars: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman
Babak Najafi

Synopsis: An orchestrated terrorist attack in London results in the deaths of a number of world leaders who were all in attendance for the funeral of the Prime Minister. The only survivors are the President of the United States (Aaron Eckhart) and his number one secret service man Mike Banning (Gerard Butler). Together they must try and escape the city and find safety while being chased and out-maneuvered by trained killers at every turn.

Opinion: So, I didn’t love the first movie, Olympus Has Fallen, in fact I much preferred the other very similar movie White House Down that came out that same year. However, many people have told me that I’m stupid for thinking that (I’m not) so I figured I would give the sequel a look see after all I didn’t hate the first one, it just wasn’t my favourite.
And the conclusion is that this movie is also not my favourite but I once again didn’t totally hate it. It has a lot going for it with some great action sequences and really well-done special effects that really do make it look like London has had a number of its most famous locations decimated. Then there is the tension which, when it happened, was great it just was few and far between and I think the movie deserved a bit more.
But the story, oh man the story is kind of horrifying….in a that’s good for the movie kind of way. I caught myself thinking a number of times during the watch “oh man if this actually happened the world would be shattered” and the really scary part is we are living in a world where something of this magnitude isn’t far-fetched. At no point are you watching thinking that the situation as a whole is completely unrealistic and would never happen. Of course, there were other things that were ridiculous and stupidly unbelievable like ONLY the US President was able to escape the initial hit and he and action man Gerard were able to avoid massive shoot outs, a helicopter crash and sneaking into the terrorist headquarters. Then the ending, don’t worry I won’t spoil it, let’s just say I get that retaliation was needed but seriously?? I get war is complicated or whatever but sometimes I don’t think bombing the shit out of everyone is the only answer. Yes yes, I know it’s a movie, but it just felt kind of pointless like they fought to survive only to continue to loop of war and destruction. Ugh whatever, that wasn’t my only gripe with how people managed bad guys and this one applies to so many movies. You’re facing off against the killer, one on one, just talking, convincing them to come in quietly and they are slowly (yes key word slowly) reaching for their gun so what do you do? Wait until the last second and then shoot to kill because shooting in the leg or arm or something to incapacitate them is apparently too damn hard. Like yeah sure if the person is moving quickly for their gun and there is no time shoot to kill or whatever but this guy was literally walking step by step slowly the 10 GOD DAMN METRES TO HIS CAR! There was so much time to grab, tackle, shoot in the leg or anything other that killing him.
Okay sorry, too much ranting in this today it’ time to wrap it up. As I said before, even though it might look like it, I didn’t hate the movie. It really did have some great action movie aspects and was enjoyable for the most part to watch but there were also a lot of things that annoyed or frustrated me which managed to really impact my overall opinion of the entire thing.

One Final Note: Gerard Butler, that Scottish guy who seems to always be made to speak with an American accent in his films. Well if you haven’t noticed it before (how?!) pay attention next time to the highly distracting way he has to move his mouth and distort his face to pull of the accent. I always feel so bad for him as yes, he does it well but it looks like it’s so difficult for him. So, in this movie they thoughtfully put him in a few scenes with another Scottish guy who happily speaks with his thick, Scottish accent. Listen carefully for the cracks to appear in Gerard’s American accent because of course they do. What was this casting person thinking?!?!


London rating

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