Move Review: The Open House (2018)

Open House poster Why don’t people install lights in basements? A flashlight is NOT suitable lighting people!

Stars: Dylan Minnette, Piercey Dalton, Patricia Bethune
Matt Angel, Suzanne Coote

Synopsis: After the untimely death of her husband, Naomi (Piercey Dalton) moves herself and her son Logan (Dylan Minnette) to stay at her sister’s house in the mountains until they get back on their feet. Strange things start happening shortly after their arrive with weird noises at night, things going missing and locals who don’t quite understand what personal space is. Is it their imagination or is something more sinister at work and how involved are these strange and slightly creepy neighbours?

Opinion: I really like horror; it is by far my favourite genre and has been for many years. So of course this means I have seen some really fantastic horror and some beyond bad holy shit how was this ever made horror. The Open House has settled itself kind of in the middle with the slight lean towards the not so good end.
The premise is good, the story is creepy I mean there is a random dude hiding/living in their house and that is honestly the thing of nightmares but the execution is where it fails. It’s like someone had a brainstorming session to figure out all the standard horror movie traits and made sure they were included. Let’s lay them out shall we. Firstly, a huge house in the middle of the woods with neighbours a decent walking distance away. Then there is the lights not working, weird phone calls, missing phone, a basement which has a water heater that keeps switching off oh and Creepy locals…..there are always ALWAYS creepy locals! It’s textbook horror and it really gets tiresome when it’s not done well. A lot of this film just felt lazy like they could have spent an extra few minutes allowing tension to build in certain scenes but instead rushed through it which meant the jump scare fell flat. Or repetitive storylines like things going missing or the water going cold…..why are these people not more worried about the fact the damn water heater switch has been physically turned EVERY TIME?? Maybe it does lean more toward the not so good movie than I first thought. Hmm no I think I still stand with my middle comment. There are some good moments in the film and the start really showed potential for it to be a really gritty horror but sadly it didn’t hold up the whole way though.
I also made some fun notes while watching this movie because I was tired and didn’t want to forget them and they were literally things like; why is there still a rotary phone when the whole rest of the house is super modern and there is cell phone reception? Neighbour is so shit which means super innocent or really bad cover for the bad guy….Oh look contact lenses, I guess eye sight is going to be a factor in the movie. Sadly, too predictable for me but if you go in with the full intention of watching a very basic and less than great horror then it will be a total win.

Scare Factor: The weirdest and creepiest basement ever with way too many corridors and corners and for some damn reason no light has been installed down there, nope lets just use a flashlight because that’s fun. As you can imagine that leads to a few tense moments but other than that it’s intended jump scare moments that don’t hit the mark and an ending which could be really creepy but was way too rushed so you spend more time thinking wtf than ohhhhh shit!


Open House rating

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