Movie Review: The Perfection (2019)

Perfection poster The final scene of this movie is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen

Stars: Allison Williams, Logan Browning, Alaina Huffman, Steven Weber 
Richard Shepard

Synopsis: After the death of her mother, former child music prodigy Charlotte (Allison Williams) reaches out to her old school and mentor to aim to get back to the life she left behind when her mother got sick. While there, she befriends the new star pupil of the school, Elizabeth (Logan Browning) and while everything seems so innocent and fine at first, the two of them find themselves headed down a sinister path with some truly shocking results.

Opinion: Talk about twisted! This movie is so full of deception that after the first twist reveal you find yourself second guessing everything that is happening and not trusting and scene to be showing you the full picture.
Presented in four different acts, much how a piece of music may be done, you are following the story of Charlotte and Elizabeth, how they met and became friends and planned to travel together all while getting brief glimpses at their back stories and teenage lives. When sickness and trauma happens on the first day of their travels you are instantly shown that Charlotte isn’t who you thought she was and suddenly you’re piecing together what really happened to get to this horrible situation between the two on the side of the road in ‘middle of nowhere’, China. It’s brilliantly done by sucking you in to this whirlwind story of struggle, freedom and young love that scandal is the last thing on your mind and everything that comes next shows everything you thought you knew was wrong and the reality is a much darker place.

This movie is actually relatively simple in premise. It’s a basic story (that’s dark and troubled and very disturbing at times) just told in a fragmented way they gives it extra levels of complexity and the way certain aspects are revealed is timed so well that it’s very confronting and quite shocking when it happens. This is of course aided by a great cast and in particular the main three Allison Williams, Logan Browning and Steven Weber who give some really outstanding performances especially in the big plot twist reveals that totally transform each of them in various ways.013736061.jpg

You may think that I have spoiled certain aspects of the film in my above comments, but these are all things which can be seen in the trailer and are somewhat expected when starting this film. I’m not usually a fan of that, however, in this instance there is so much more to the movie than what can be seen in the trailer that it’s honestly just the perfect amount of hook to get you interested and to start watching before completely falling down the rabbit hole of lies, creepy moments, disturbing plot changes and overall an unsettling film that will have you saying “what the actual f**k?!” on more than one occasion. Also, it has an outstanding soundtrack of classical music which totally keeps that creepy tone rolling throughout the whole watch. So, if you haven’t already gathered, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Scare Factor: I mean it’s not really a scary film so much as a tense thriller. A lot of what happens, in particular the later part of the film will just leave you feeling unsettled and uncomfortable and probably a bit disturbed. I will give a warning that there is a scene early on with a lot of bugs swarming around (it’s gross) so if that sort of thing get’s your skin crawling like it does to me, it thankfully doesn’t last too long. Besides that. the gruesome factor is more implied than visual, but it does have a couple of moments that are pretty out there.


Perfection rating

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