Movie Review: The Meg (2018)

Meg poster Exploring an unknown area of the deepest part of the ocean….what could possibly go wrong?

Stars: Jason Statham, Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson
Jon Turteltaub

Synopsis: A group of scientists investigating the depths of Mariana trench discover a world of animals and plants long thought to be extinct. In their eagerness to explore and learn, they accidentally find and let loose from its previous confines, the largest marine predator to ever exist, the Megalodon Shark.

Opinion: There are a few things in the world that scare me, and the ocean is one of them. Like yeah sure, the beach is fun or whatever but the open ocean….yeah nope, there is way too much unexplored and unknown out there that has me more than happy to keep my feet firmly on the ground and not do crazy things like scuba diving in the open ocean or exploring the Mariana trench. Other people can happily take that on, and I will read about their wonderful work from the comfort of my own home.

The above is why any shark or ocean located horror film will usually have me on some sort of edge depending on how creepy the trailer is. Jaws, for example, still manages to freak me out as an adult no matter how fake I know that shark is while other movies will usually be fine for the most part but there will always be one or two moments where I will be tensed up, fists clenched and muttering about how people are stupid and as if they aren’t about to get eaten by some bullshit creature of the deep. The Meg, I envisioned, was going to be a movie with plenty of those moments because of course a huge and previously thought to be extinct shark was going to unleash some carnage under the water but sadly that wasn’t the case.

Everything about this movie just seemed too silly or too ridiculous that it ruined any sense of tension for me. Yeah, I know a movie about a previously extinct shark was always going to be over the top and ridiculous but in this case it just left me feeling disappointed instead of wow what a great creature feature. Besides the story, the acting felt really flat at times and while Jason Statham has done some fine performances in his time, this definitely wasn’t one of them. It wasn’t just him either, it just had the feel of oh yeah, I turned up, read my lines and now it’s home time. There was no passion or drive behind the performances and that combined with some less than impressive editing really didn’t help push the movie up to the heights it could have reached.Meg 2

As for the shark itself, most of the time it was off screen or blurring past at high speeds and you weren’t actually getting a good look at it. When it was on screen it was impressive but the times it wasn’t, I found to be poorly executed so the implied horror that the film was aiming for didn’t work as well as it could have. Especially in one particular sequence where the shark is swimming through a crowded beach….remember this is meant to be the biggest underwater predator of all history….and you’re viewing it from the sharks perspective and everything seems super shallow and people seem close to the shark but NO ONE NOTICES! Like honestly if that monster of a being was swimming around in a beach, someone would have seen it.

Anyway, maybe I’m just over thinking or was wanting the movie to be something it was never intended to be, but it trailered well, and the concept was cool but sadly the movie failed to meet the expectations I felt it brought upon itself.

Scare Factor: Maybe for some people this could have some scary moments, but I really think that every single moment that was building up to something was way too obvious and predictable for it to be genuinely scary. They did try for a few jump scares so if it works for you then I’m jealous and blaming the fact I watch way too much horror.


Meg rating

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Meg (2018)”

    1. I know! I wanted to like this movie so badly, especially because it has my damn name, but I just couldn’t find it in me to give it any more sharks than that.


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