Documentary Review: Chasing Happiness (2019)

Jonas poster I’ve had that Sucker song stuck in my head for a week

Stars: Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas
John Taylor

Synopsis: A documentary based on the Jonas Brothers. It covers from childhood, their rise to fame, the separation of the band and their recent reunion with every little detail in between.

Opinion: Back when the Jonas Brothers first became a huge sensation, I was a little out of the target age range. It was also very different to the rock and alternative vibe I had going back then (still have that but my range has broadened to a much greater mix these days). For this reason I was very much an oh gosh another teen band ugh not for me thanks, don’t play that rubbish near me…..I’m too mature for that (oh foolish young 20’s self, you weren’t mature at all and I’m pretty sure I’m still not but that’s a whole other thing).

Anyway, I started working in the entertainment industry and they were always on my radar so I was fully aware of when they split up and the rumours around the reasons and all of that stuff but still I had very little interest and honestly didn’t think I ever would. Flash forward to last year and the day I suddenly found myself selecting follow on Joe Jonas’s Instagram and not long after that Nick’s. How did it come to this? Why did I suddenly find myself interested in their lives enough to follow on social media? It probably had to do with Joe’s relationship with Sophie Turner who was in Game of Thrones, a show I loved and I was already following her. Yep that’s all right, nothing more than that and mild interest in the really fun and sometimes hilarious posts they were making.

Suddenly it’s 2019 and boom the Jonas Brothers are back together and there is this little song named Sucker that is stuck in my head all the time in that annoyingly catchy way only a fun song can do. Then there was this documentary coming out and lots of promotion and clips and reactions from various people I know personally or follow on social media so I figured hey what the hell, I already kind of like the song watching the documentary can’t hurt…’s not like I could possibly became a fan or anything weird like that…JOnas 2

So yeah, this documentary is so damn good, seriously, it’s candid and honest and genuinely interesting seeing how their lives were as children and how they found their talents and grew to be the stars they were/are. It doesn’t just show the good times either, it’s there for all the negatives and tough times and sicknesses too. They are up front and honest especially with each other and yes there were even a few moments I found myself getting a bit choked up and emotional especially when Joe started crying when talking about when the band split up and Kevin speaking about heartbreak he experienced from actions his brothers made.

It’s a fascinating look at a family very different to now, who had a pastor for a father, not much money and children with talent that their parents encouraged and helped them to reach for and achieve. The support and love for each other is very present and even though there have been struggles (some of them really quite harsh from people on the outside *cough cough* their church), it’s showing how they have also overcome those and in turn allowed them to help be the band again and create music that is fun for them and meaningful and has aged and matured just like they have. The home videos and fun anecdotes throughout really make the whole viewing experiences real and fun and dammit if I didn’t finish it up and then move onto listening to the whole album…more than once.

So here I am, in my 30’s and apparently becoming a Jonas Brothers fan. I guess it’s never too late for it, as long as I don’t start wearing merchandise and going to concerts I think I’ll be okay with this fact…..even though the concerts look like so much fun and part of me kind of really wants to go to one.


Jonas rating

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