Documentary Review: Our Planet: Mini-Series

Our Planet poster Breathtaking, heartbreaking, incredible

Stars: David Attenborough (Narrator)
Adam Chapman, Hugh Pearson, Huw Cordey, Sophie Lanfear, Mandi Stark, Jeff Wilson

Synopsis: Narrated by the wonderful David Attenborough, this documentary series takes a look at the different habitats on earth and the affects that humans have had on the animals and plants within them.

Opinion: I had come home from work one day and was tired and wanted something soothing to watch so when I saw David Attenborough’s name against this I was like yes! His voice is exactly what I need right now to soothingly tell me about animals and plants and nature and educate me on the wonders of the world.

Little did I know that in less than 30 minutes I would be saying things like “no baby Wildebeest, run!” or “I swear to god if you show me yet another animal almost dying I will cry from the stress!”. Now before you judge me, I am aware that it’s the circle of life and animals eat animals to survive but I just wasn’t expecting it and it wasn’t soothing!

Anyway, once I got my head past that issue and got stuck into this documentary series, it was not only visually incredible but absolutely fascinating as well. It’s also truly heartbreaking to see the damage that we as a human species have caused the animals and environment over the years with the point of this series being to shine a harsh light on the vast and at times very shocking changes that have happened.Our Planet

Filmed over four years, it is an eye opening and really wonderful show to watch. Some of the footage they have captured for this is nothing short of breathtaking while others will genuinely make you cry. No seriously, you have been warned, that there are moments that will break you but it’s those moments that need to be shown for people to open their eyes and realise the impact we have had and the changes we need to make now to help save this planet and the animals and plants and creatures (including us) that call it home.

Fun Fact: Make sure you allow the final episode to run through the credits and move to the bonus behind the scenes look. It’s really interesting to see how they got some of the incredible shots shown throughout the series and just generally learn how it was all pieced together.


Our Planet rating

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