TV Review: Dark: Season 1 (2017)

Dark poster “The end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end”

Stars: Karoline Eichhorn, Tamar Pelzig, Louis Hofmann 
Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

Synopsis: After two children go missing, the small town of Winden is thrown into disarray and secrets and history of 4 families begin to come to light. As things unravel, it starts to become obvious that it’s not just the current events that are intertwined but it is also other events that stretch over years and somehow defy the logic of time.

Opinion: This is such a strange but captivating show. I’d been curious about watching it for a while and after a friend started raving about it I figured it was time to finally sit down and give it a go.

Not only was I hooked it pretty much straight away, I found myself wondering why I had waited so long to start watching. It has a bit of everything in it, love, scandal, loss, trauma, weird, creepy and a huge number of plot twists and surprise revelations.

I will admit it does require you to open your mind and accept every weird thing that it throws at you, after all it ultimately comes to the path of time travel and interloping realities so yeah, it’s in no way a logical and simple to follow program. But don’t let the weirdness deter you, it’s really well made, and the story is very smart and well put together and allows for so many other options and random revelations that a standard one linear storyline couldn’t possibly have.

The hardest thing is probably keeping track of the characters as you are seeing them and experiencing their stories from a variety of points in time. They are of course different ages throughout but is fascinating seeing how different things have impacted them and what happened as a child has paved the way for events that occurred in their adult life. My only gripe was the fact that some characters were able to visit the past and met younger versions of their parents or themselves and the somehow no one had any memory of it later in life. Like how is that even possible? Don’t you think that if you met some random person that did really bizarre things (yes, they always do or say really weird stuff) it would have left an impact on you so when you met them again later in life looking EXACTLY THE SAME. Surely it would trigger a memory or at least a déjà vu feeling??Dark 2

Anyway, as an overall final opinion this season is packed full of story and moments and experiences that have you wanting (or needing) just one more episode, oh just one more, yeah just one more…..oh what, this is the last episode? Wait, that’s how it ended?! Oh well my impatient self can’t possibly live with that so thankfully season 2 has just dropped and I don’t have to and I’m sure the review for that will be arriving on here soon enough.

Favourite Episode: While there are a few really great episodes I think for the purpose of this I’ll call my favourite episode 5 – Truth (Wahrheiten). This is the episode that really starts to reveal the big links between the past and present and reveals the first big plot twist which really shakes a whole lot up in the overall story. It’s somewhat unexpected and really sparks up the interest in everything and what this link means for other characters and events.

Random Other: This is a German series, in fact it’s the first German series produced for Netflix (fun fact!), so it is in German with subtitles. I mean you could watch an English dub but why would you torture yourself with that? If you can handle it sure but I just can’t stand listening to audio that doesn’t match up to what is on the screen.


Dark Season 1 rating

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