Movie Review: Rogue (2007)

Rogue poster Would have probably been a lot more enjoyable if I had actually watched it back in 2007

Stars: Michael Vartan, Radha Mitchell, Sam Worthington
Greg McLean

Synopsis: A bunch of tourists on a boat tour in the Australian Outback find themselves stranded on a small island after a man-eating crocodile attacks their boat. As the tidal waters start to come in and the island they’re on gets smaller, the people prepare to fight for their lives against a predator who is very ready to eat its prey.

Opinion: Hey look an Australia horror movie about a killer crocodile…..I’m so sure this has never been done ever before at all ever. Okay that aside I guess 2007 me was a very different person and didn’t feel the need to watch a random creature feature movie (foolish!) and then proceeded to not watch it until 2019 when I decided to sit back with a few glasses of wine and watch people do silly things around a giant predator and get killed, good times!

So, as I had kind of expected, the CGI crocodile quality looks so old and pretty terrible, BUT the bonus is that you don’t actually see it too much. For the most part the it is just a shadow in the water or an unseen thing launching a boat into the air. This implied horror is what makes this movie still work 12 years later and maybe it’s because I live in Australia and have been to the Northern Territory to places with huge crocodile warnings (or maybe I’d just had too much wine) I think it worked pretty well in being a kind of creepy and at times ridiculously fun creature horror. Rogue 2

Having said that though, my favourite thing about this movie had nothing at all to do with the monster or even the horror element, it was in fact the really amazing footage and views they showed of the Australian Outback. It could have been a tourism campaign, apart from the killing I guess, because it just showed how incredibly beautiful the country is when you take yourself out of the boring high-rise cities.

So yeah, it’s a bit of fun, looks really pretty at times and some people die. I’m glad I watched it but I won’t be going out of my way to do a repeat watch and I’ll just let it settle back into the land of 2007 where it probably would have impressed me a lot more….sorry movie makers.

Scare Factor: Nothing too major, it was more just stressful watching people flail around in the water when you know that’s where the croc is, and everyone knows they move MUCH faster in water so people SWIM DAMMIT! Other than that, it had creepy moments but was overall pretty tame.


Rogue rating

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