[UPDATED] Rank-a-Series – Marvel’s Avengers Series

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And here we are, ready to update this list for the final time. Both Captain Marvel & Endgame have been watched and rated and added to the below list in their appropriate order. Continue reading [UPDATED] Rank-a-Series – Marvel’s Avengers Series

Rank A Series – Mission Impossible

MissionImpossibleLogoSo after watching all 6 Mission Impossible films within a few days of each other I thought I should do an overall rating because why the hell not.

1 – Fallout
2 – Ghost Protocol
3 – Rogue Nation
4 – Mission Impossible 3
5 – Mission Impossible
6 – Mission Impossible 2

In all honesty Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation & Mission Impossible 3 are extremely close in their likability so it was tough to rank them but I’m happy with my final choice.

And after all that…..It’s time to move on from this series because in case it wasn’t apparent, I actually do watch other movies. I hope it was enjoyable though because I enjoyed watching and writing it all down.