Cam (2018)

Cam posterThe scariest part? Someone out there could probably make this happen.

Stars: Madeline Brewer, Patch Darragh, Melora Walters
Daniel Goldhaber

Synopsis: Online cam girl Lola, aka Alice, is striving to get into the top listed girls online. When all appears to be going in her favour and the rank is on the up, her account becomes locked and seemingly taken over by someone who looks exactly like her and is on a course to steal her entire identity. Continue reading “Cam (2018)”


Bird Box (2018)

bird box posterAnd the award for best children’s names goes to this film

Stars: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich 
Susanne Bier

Synopsis: An unseen entity attacks the human race causing the majority of people to imagine such horrors that they are driven to suicide. 5 years after the initial attack, a young mother and her two children must find a way, while blindfolded, to a rumoured safe zone all the while being hunted by the unseen beings and other immune humans who want to force them to remove the blindfolds and see. Continue reading “Bird Box (2018)”

Close (2019)

closeBadass ladies kicking the butts of bad asshole guys.

Stars: Noomi Rapace, Sophie Nélisse, Indira Varma
Vicky Jewson

Synopsis: A counter-Terrorism export takes on a bodyguard job that requires a female to help protect a rich young heiress, Zoe, after the recent death of her father. Zoe (Sophie Nélisse), used to getting her own way and being able to do whatever she wants, and Sam (Noomi Capase), used to a much different kind of job, both have to rise above their dislikes and differences when violent kidnappers come for Zoe and they have to go on the run together in order to save their own lives and figure out who hired the kidnappers. Continue reading “Close (2019)”

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

buzzsawFamous art piece or not, I will never stick my hand into any sort of random hole and this movie shows my very sensible reason why.

Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Zawe Ashton, Toni Collette, Natalia Dyer, John Malkovich
Dan Gilroy

Synopsis: In the competitive land or art and art critics, a woman working within a top studio discovers a large number of paintings by an unknown artist in her building. Anyone who lays eyes on them is instantly drawn in and suddenly they are the talk of the town and everyone must have one. Popularity soars until people start mysteriously dying and it becomes apparent that the paintings may not be just oil and canvas after all. Continue reading “Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)”

Cold Pursuit (2019)

cold-pursuit-posterIt snows a bit in this movie, just a little bit, I’m sure you will barely notice it.

Stars: Emmy Rossum, Liam Neeson, Tom Bateman, Laura Dern
Hans Petter Moland

Synopsis: Nel (Liam Neeson), a snowplow driver in the small mountain town of Kehoe, seeks revenge on the drug dealers who killed his son. His actions ultimately cause a drug war between two families and also the attention of the local police.  Continue reading “Cold Pursuit (2019)”

Children Of Men (2006)

children-men-3.jpgNo one warned me there would be feelings…

Stars: Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Chiwetel Ejiofor
Alfonso Cuarón

Synopsis: Set in a future when, due to unknown reasons, humans have evolved into an infertile state. The last child was born 18 years prior and society has fallen into violence and disarray from fear, government corruption and war. In amongst all of this, activist Julian (Julianne Moore) enlists her alcoholic and depressed ex-husband Theo (Clive Owen) as the only person she ultimately trusts to help her get from the war torn city to a safe zone at sea with a very special cargo, a heavily pregnant young woman. Continue reading “Children Of Men (2006)”

Polar (2019)

polarAlways on the damn eve of retirement

Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Vanessa Hudgens, Katheryn Winnick 
Jonas Åkerlund

Synopsis: The world’s top assassin, Duncan Vizla (Mads Mikkelsen), is set to retire at 50 as per his company’s rules. Also, as per his company’s rules, he’s set to earn a retirement fund from them that matches any amount he has contributed throughout his employment. The company deems this an expense they aren’t willing to make so decide to take him out before his 50th birthday. So, on the eve of his retirement, Duncan is forced back into the game and sets out to prove to the company why he was (and still is) the world top assassin. Continue reading “Polar (2019)”

Train To Busan (2016)

Train to Busan 1Stars: Yoo Gong, Yu-mi Jung, Dong-seok Ma
Sang-ho Yeon

watch-trailer-button        final_logos-12

Honestly, I have not watched this movie before now because I kept thinking of it as yet another zombie movie. But I finally decided it was time to check it out and damn I’m glad I did! I mean, yes, it’s technically another zombie/infection movie but there is none of this slow moving stumbling zombies who somehow can still catch able bodied uninfected people. This  movie is so fast paced it slaps all of that standard zombie sluggishness away and instead has an infection that rips though people in a matter of seconds and un-dead that can sprint and move as fast as anyone else. Throw all that into an enclosed place such as a train and damn if it isn’t what I have always wanted a zombie movie to be. Continue reading “Train To Busan (2016)”

Upgrade (2018)


Director: Leigh Whannell
Writers: Leigh Whannell
Stars: Logan Marshall-Green, Melanie Vallejo, Steve Danielsen



Please Note: The Following Contains Slight Spoilers (Sorry!)

Ever since watching the trailer I was so keen to see this movie and upon watching last night (thanks to old bosses who have access to streaming links BEST!) I was not disappointed. In three words; This. Movie’s. Awesome!! While the story itself is a bit on the standard futuristic side with automated cars, houses, robotic implants and A.I. essentially controlling everything on a daily basis, there are also elements of ‘days gone by’ throughout is kind of fun. By this I mean the fact that Grey (Logan Marshall-Green) is/was a mechanic and works on muscle cars and his wife doesn’t understand how he likes them because they don’t drive themselves or talk back. Or a later scene that has him paying for something and receives the comment “Ooo paper money, how fun”.

Continue reading “Upgrade (2018)”

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015)

Mission Impossible 5-1Director:  Christopher McQuarrie
Writers:  Christopher McQuarrie
Stars:  Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames

watch-trailer-button        final_logos-12

Please Note: The Following May Contain Spoilers (But I Tried Hard Not To)

How does one beat a thrilling stunt like scaling the outside of the Burj Khalifa? Well naturally they decide to hold onto the side of a military plane as it takes off and then continue to hold on and try to access a door while in flight. Hello Tom Cruise and his ability to not only do these stunts but have them totally and utterly work with the Ethan Hunt character and the Mission Impossible series. Also…..what a brilliant way to start off Rogue Nation.
I mean yes it turned into the kidnapping of Ethan Hunt, a valiant escape, the shutting down (again) of the IMF which meant the introduction of Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin who you know is going to be great in any movie) which then led to a trip to the Opera for an explosive performance….see what I did there 😉. And that, my friends, is only the beginning. Continue reading “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015)”